Can I Renovate A Listed Building

If you are thinking about renovated a listing building in Scotland you may need to apply for special consent to make changes to the property.

Glasgow is awash with listed buildings, full of character and charm – there are over 1800 listed building in Glasgow alone and over 47,000 in all of Scotland. So renovating one is understandably not as straight forward as renovating a normal property.

Living In A Listed Building
If you are lucky enough to live in or own a listed building then it is your responsibility for its maintenance and repair. Work on listed buildings should be carried out to a high standard, using traditional methods and materials. And you are advised to employ the services of a tradesperson or contractor with conservation experience, preferably in local building techniques and traditions.

Planning Permission
Listed building consent is the process by which the planning authorities ensure that any changes made to a listed building are appropriate and sympathetic to the original character of the building.

Permission is needed if you wish to demolish, alter or extend a listed building, but if you are looking to just replace certain materials in the building on a like-for-like basis and the changes/repairs won’t affect the character of the building then you probably wouldn’t need permission. But in all cases it is best to check with your local planning authority.


Applying for listed building consent is free and you follow the same basic process as you do with normal planning permission.

Listed Building are graded according to their merits*:

• Category A covers buildings of national and international importance and accounts for 15% of all Listed Buildings in Glasgow.

• Category B (70%) takes in those of regional or local significance, and

• Category C (15%) contains buildings of more modest architectural or historic interest.

The interiors and exteriors of Category A, B and C listed buildings are statutorily protected and are covered by Listed Building controls. They may not be demolished or altered without prior Listed Building Consent. Planning Permission may also be required for external alterations to Listed Buildings.

So it’s safe to say – always contact your local planning authority before you start any work and of course Scotruss Builders are always on hand to advise on any building related matters.

*Glasgow City Council

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