Considering a Kitchen Extension?


Here’s our top tips if you are thinking about extending your current kitchen space.

Over the last few years the kitchen has become the central point of the home, as our families are not only spending more time eating together, but they are using it as a social space as well. Kitchen extensions are hugely popular in Central Scotland, as they represent a great way to gain extra space and create beautiful aesthetics. Here are some top tips for an amazing house extension:

Use The Natural Light

It’s always a great idea to let in as much natural light into the kitchen area as possible, and most extensions these days incorporate the outside with the inside. Skylight windows are often used in kitchens to great effect, particularly when they allow light to pour onto the dining table and seating areas. Using glass sliding doors is another effective way to bring in extra light to the kitchen, and offers a seamless passage to the garden area.

Connect To The Outside

As well as using glass sliding doors to create a smooth transition, there are some other great ways to create the illusion of an even larger space. Using matching floor tiles and textures in the kitchen and on the patio is an excellent way to blur the lines of the interior with the exterior. Similarly, using the same colour themes on the kitchen cabinets and counters with the external walls will make your kitchen extension seem even larger.

Using the space you already have

If you don’t have the space to extend your kitchen outwards then you can always look at ways to give you more space from the inside. By demolishing a partition wall that leads to a dining room for example, is a great way at creating a bigger kitchen space.

Considering a Kitchen Extension?

Choose A Beautiful Theme

Having a beautiful theme in your kitchen makes the world of difference, and it is important that this theme remains consistent throughout. Furniture, cupboards, appliances and walls should all match up and compliment each other. Many modern kitchen designs have a white and airy feel about them, and the most attractive ones always have a hint of an additional colour to create a really standout look.

Define Areas Of The Kitchen

Your kitchen extension will ensure that you get more usable space, so it’s definitely recommended to divide it into different areas. Having an island or peninsula will split up the cooking area from the actual dining area and will create a lovely open-plan kitchen scheme, where family members can relax while the others can prepare meals or drinks. This type of extension creates clear separate areas fit for different purposes but maintains a sense of cohesion.

Create Storage

Storage is one of the most salient things in a kitchen extension, as the chief purpose is to cook and to cook with practicality and ease. Making sure that your storage units and cabinets are all next to each other improves the functionality for all culinary activities and can be colour coordinated as such. Wall mounts can also be fitted to add additional storage space, while magnetic strips can also be placed on the walls for cutlery.

Considering a Kitchen Extension?

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