Designing a Kitchen That’s Functional, Attractive and Easy To Maintain

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The kitchen is the heart of your home. This is where you spend a lot of time and it should be a place that you feel comfortable, happy and excited to come home to after a long day.


Planning is the key to a functional and attractive kitchen.


You will never have a fully functional kitchen if you do not plan ahead. Even if you buy all the things you need for your kitchen the day you move in, it will not be fully functional for a few months. That’s because you need time for all your appliances to be unpacked, for you to organise your stuff and for you to feel like you can start cooking in your new home.


Measure twice, cut once


Always try to measure twice, because you’ll never be entirely certain of your measurements if you only make an estimate the first time. Make sure that you have a tape measure and a pencil that you can always use to mark your measurements. This will allow you to make sure that you are not going to cut anything by mistake. You will be much happier in your kitchen if you can always measure twice and cut once!



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Always think of safety first in the kitchen.


Use your kitchen to prepare food only. It is a good idea to keep all the ingredients in your cupboards, so that you will have an idea of what they look like and where they are located. Make sure you keep all the cooking utensils away from the children and pets, as they could be a choking hazard.


Don’t skimp on counter space. Use every inch wisely!


Counter space is very important in the kitchen. It’s where you’ll be preparing all the meals and snacks for your family, so you want to make sure that you have plenty of space to do this. It’s also where you’ll be spending the most time, so you want to make sure that the kitchen looks inviting and comfortable. You’ll be spending a lot of time in this room, so you want it to be inviting and joyful.


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Match your appliances to your finishings.


You want to make sure that your appliances and finishings match. For example, if you have a kitchen with a green countertop, it would be a terrible idea to put a black stove in it. You should also make sure that the appliances you have are suitable for the finishings you have. You don’t want to have an old refrigerator that looks out of place in a modern kitchen. It’s important to check these things before you buy kitchen appliances, so that you don’t end up with an inconvenient setup.




Whether you’re looking to create a new kitchen or renovate an existing one, these ideas will help you create a space that’s functional, attractive and easy to maintain. As you can see, making decisions about your kitchen design is an important part of creating a functional and attractive space. By taking the time to plan and measure correctly, you can ensure that your new kitchen is attractive and easy to maintain. There are also many different things you can do to make your kitchen more attractive. You can choose the right finishes, lighting, appliances, and panels. You can also create a design that makes the most of your available space. Following these tips, you can brighten up your kitchen and make it a more enjoyable part of your home.



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